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Including learners with low-incidence disabilities / - United Kingdom : Emerald Group Publishing, 2015. - xiv, 357 pages : illustrations - International perspectives on inclusive education v.5 .

Moving towards inclusion / Elizabeth A. West --
Beyond access : moving towards increased participation, membership, and skills in the inclusive classroom / Grace I. Blum, Michael Gutierrez, Charles Peck --
Best practices in teacher training and professional development for including learners with low-incidence disabilities / Meaghan M. McCollow, Jordan Shurr, Andrea D. Jasper --
Including learners with severe intellectual disabilities : system planning and support for greater inclusive practices / Vicki Barnitt, Phyllis Jones, Daphne Thomas --
Facilitating systems of support / Robin Drogan, Darlene Perner --
Facilitating supports and services for learners with low-incidence disabilities / Jody Marie Bartz, Jennifer Kurth, Matthew Wangeman --
Providing appropriate individualized instruction and access to the general education curriculum for learners with low-incidence disabilities / Jeremy Erickson, Carol Ann Davis --
Socio-emotional support needs for re-entry to school after traumatic brain injury / Anne E. Crylen --
This is what works for me : students reflect on their experiences of special needs provision in Irish mainstream schools / Richard Rose, Michael Shevlin --
Inclusive education for students with low-incidence disabilities in Taiwan : where we are, what we have learned / Pei-Yu Chen, Chun-Yu Chiu --
Low incidence learners in Sweden : supporting systems and social interactions in education / Daniel Östlund --
Inclusive education for learners with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties in England / Penny Lacey, Jeanette Scull --
21st century inclusive practices and policies in Russia / Vita L. Jones ... [et al.] --
Including learners with extensive support needs in South Korea / Kyungsook Kang, Young Hyuk Hong --
Inclusive education in Poland : policies, practices and perspectives / Kinga M. Ober, Andrzej Twardowski, Melinda R. Pierson.


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