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Jeremiah 21-36 : a new translation with introduction and commentary / Jeremiah twenty-one through thirty-six Jack R. Lundbom - 1st ed - New York : Doubleday, 2004. - xvi, 649 pages ; 24 cm - The Anchor Yale Bible ; v. 21B . - Bible. 1964 ; English. Anchor Bible. v. 21B .

Includes bibliographical references (pages 43-90) and indexes

Jeremiah 21-36: A Translation -- On Kings and Prophets (21:1-23:40) -- Prepare for a Life in Exile (24:1-29:32) -- The Book of Restoration (30:1-33:26) -- False Covenants, True Covenants (34:1-36:32) I. II. III. IV.

"This second book of the three-volume Anchor Bible Commentary offers an astute translation and commentary on the middle sixteen chapters of Jeremiah. Important themes in the present volume include injustice within Judah's royal house, sexual immorality among the clergy, and true versus false prophecy. Yet the prophet who thundered Yahweh's judgment was also the one who gave the remnant people - in oracle and in symbolic action - a promise and a hope, expressed climactically in a new and eternal covenant for future days. Here too is the only report in the Bible of an accredited scribe writing up a scroll of oracles for public reading at the Temple." "This work of scholarship is sure to be essential to any biblical studies curriculum. Jeremiah 21-36 draws on the best biblical scholarship to further our understanding of this preeminent prophet and his message to the world."--Jacket

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