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Helm, Judy Harris.

Young investigators : the project approach in the early years / Judy Harris Helm, Lilian G. Katz. - Third edition - xi, 134, 30 pages ; 29 cm - Early childhood education series . - Early childhood education series (Teachers College Press) .

Includes bibliographical references and index

Projects and young children. The project approach ; Benefits of projects in the early years ; Intellectual competencies of the early years ; Building mind and brain capacity ; Guiding projects with young children -- Getting started. Issues in selecting topics for projects ; Anticipatory teacher planning ; Building common experiences ; Finding out what children already know ; Developing questions for investigation ; Setting up the classroom for investigation ; The next phase -- Developing the project. Beginning phase II ; Preparing for investigation ; Moving into investigation -- Investigation. Field-site visits ; Debriefing ; Moving into phase III -- Concluding the project. Culminating the project ; The power of documentation ; Types of documentation ; Using materials and equipment for documentation ; Distilling documentation ; Evaluating the project -- Preschoolers engaged and learning. The camera project ; Learning as a journey -- Using the project approach with toddlers. The fire hydrant project ; The sign project ; Diverse pathways to rich experiences -- How projects can connect children with nature. Thinking about children's contact with nature ; Finding a project topic on nature ; Overcoming teachers' fear of science ; Investigating nature ; Sharing nature projects to educate others ; The Canada Goose project -- Project investigations as STEM experiences. STEM and the project approach ; STEM disciplines ; The airplane project ; STEM in the airplane project -- "Yes, but" thinking and project work. Responding to challenges teachers face ; Final thoughts


Early childhood education--Curricula
Project method in teaching

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