Doctoral Thesis (USJ) RSS feed for public list Doctoral Thesis (USJ) Teacher stress in the Macau workplace / by Garcia, Alejandro Salcedo. Parents, students and secondary schools in Macao / by Tchiang, Van Man. Accounting in Macau : by Lam, Ching Chi. Community health specialist nurses and primary health care in Macao : by Lam, Oi Ching Bernice Nogueira. The influence of bilateral trade agreements on mode of market entry choice of resources seeking Chinese firms operating in Nigeria / by Olukayode,Iwaloye Ojo. Using Collaborative learning and blended learning with Macau undergraduate students inside and outside university classroom / by Monteiro,Elisa Pack Jon Fong Rendall. Re-conceptuatlising computer literacy teaching and learing using constructivist principles and peer-tutoring / by Wong, Kin Ming. As fronteiras do sentido num projeto educacional europeu:uma grounded theory / by Lopes,Carlos Manuel de Brito Mariano de Vasconcelos. Rethinking special administrative regions Chinese cultural identites and the role of social media : by Lou, Lai Chu. English learning strategies and strategy instruction : by Chan, Mei Lan. Migrant transnationalism and religious transformation : by Alabanza, Ian Shelley Sasha Pugal. Biased performance prediction and estimate : by Ngan,Henrique Fátima Boyol. Aid and poverty reduction : by Diakité, Ansoumane Douty. A rainforest experience and its impact on Chinese students' oro-environmental identity and behavior : by Tam, Nga Ian. Ambivalence, relationality, complexity and integration grassroots artistic landscape of Macao S.A.R in the post-retrocession era / by Mendes, Carla de Utra. Macau fashion industry in the 21st Century : by Dias Cardoso, Ana Cláduia. Child protection during emergencies in Fiji and Tonga : by Stuebing, Dennis L. Semiotic multimodality :a filmic analysis of Wong Kar-Wai's in the mood for love / by Tan, Chee Seng. Lusophone-African multinational enterprises internationalization mode : by Gonçalves, Marcus Vinicius Amaral. From digital to Facebook divide : by Yung, Chun Sing. Assessing driving behavior in Macau public transportation through mobile crowd sensing / by Ma, Fei Chun. Succession in Chinese family business : by Phillips, Jenny Oliveros Lao. Petrology and geochemistry of the igneous rocks from Macao (South China) : by Quelhas, Pedro Moniz. Enhancing learning of accounting for non-accounting students : by Lau, Meng Chan. English as a foreign language : by Lam, Man Ieng.