Master of Design RSS feed for public list Master of Design "Join" a Multifunctional Board Game Table / by Leong, Hei U. Belgagem : by Rosario, Isabel Maria do. How to make good use of product design for indoor greening in a community / by Mok, Im Noi. Human-Belongings Behaviour Analysis : by Wong, Nga Ieng. Interactive bedside lamp design. / by Leong, Kit Teng. Look Before You Eat : by Cheang, Ka Pui. Macau Mobility: Empowering the Commuter in Partial : by Pereira, Julieta Soares Gomes. Macau Sound Gallery : by U, Chin Cheng. NEFS : Neo Eco Fabrican System / by Ho, Ka Ieng. Smart Home Interactive Design: by He, Min Yi. Work in the visual and performing arts / by Rocco, Ron.