Psychology RSS feed for public list Psychology 50 psychology classics : by Butler-Bowdon, Tom, A vision of the brain / by Zeki, Semir. An introduction to critical thinking and creativity : by Lau, Joe Y. F., Clinical psychology / by Trull, Timothy J., Cognition : by Reed, Stephen K. Cognition : by Ashcraft, Mark H. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders : by American Psychiatric Association Educational Psychology : by Ormrod, Jeanne Ellis Fundamental Psychiatry / by Cavanagh, John R., Handbook of functional MRI data analysis / by Poldrack, Russell A How to speak your spouse's language : by Wright, H. Norman. Human Behavior in the Social Environment : by Ashford, José B. Information in the brain : by Black, Ira B. Introduction à la psychologie cognitive / by Lemaire, Patrick Introduction to neuromarketing & consumer neuroscience / by Ramsøy, Thomas Zoëga Looking for Spinoza : by Damasio, Antonio Manter and Gatz's essentials of clinical neuroanatomy and neurophysiology / by Gilman, Sid. Memory / Narrative therapy in wonderland : by Marsten, David, Networks of the brain / by Sporns, Olaf. Playful approaches to serious problems : by Freeman, Jennifer C. Problem solving and comprehension / by Whimbey, Arthur. Rethinking innateness : by Elman, Jeffrey L. Social Psychology / by Myers, David G. Standards and ethics for counseling in action. by Bond, Tim Stimulated recall methodology in applied linguistics and L2 research / by Gass, Susan M, The counsellor's workbook: developing a personal approach. / by McLeod, John The intimacy factor : by Mellody, Pia. The neurocognition of language / The new psychology of language : The Oxford handbook of cognitive psychology / The psycholinguistics of bilingualism / by Grosjean, François. The psychology of Asian learners : by B. King, Ronnel. The psychology of becoming a successful worker : by Uusiautti, Satu. The Psychology of Fatigue by Hockey, Robert. The psychology of language : by Harley, Trevor A. The seductiveness of virtue : by Fitzgerald, John J., The student's guide to cognitive neuroscience / by Ward, Jamie, The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of schema therapy : Understanding applied behavior analysis : by Kearney, Albert J. 兒童輔導個案逐個睇 / 如何停止憂慮,開創人生 / by Carnegie, Dale 心理學 / by Darley, John 情緒管理 / by 蔡, 秀玲 情緒管理與壓力調適 / by 唐, 璽惠 正向心理學 : by 江, 雪齡 澳門初中生之壓力來源,因應行為與身心健康之關係研究 / by 張碧月