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The Formal Basis of Modern Architecture / by Eisenman, Peter The future of architecture in 100 buildings / by Kushner, Marc, The future of architecture, since 1889 : by Cohen, Jean-Louis The language of post-modern architecture / by Jencks, Charles. The living building : The Metapolis dictionary of advanced architecture : The prodigious builders : by Rudofsky, Bernard, The Roman Empire : by Stierlin, Henri. The sniper's log : by Zaera, Alejandro, The social imperative : The total designer : by Ortega, Lluís, The turning point of building : by Wachsmann, Konrad. The University Is Now on Air : Third coast atlas : Thirteen Ways : by Harbison, Robert To Build a City in Africa : Tomorrow's Canberra! Tourism planning : by Inskeep, Edward Towards a critical pragmatism : Trading Between Architecture and Art : Traditional Chinese architecture : by Fu, Xinian, Treehouses : by Bahamón, Alejandro Un-conscious - city : by Arets, W. M. J., Urban code : by Mikoleit, Anne. Urbanity and density in 20th-century urban design / by Sonne, Wolfgang, ViA arquitectura. Vital architecture : by Roorda, Ruurd, When is the digital in architecture? / Wood / Wood / Words and buildings : by Forty, Adrian World architecture : by Ingersoll, Richard, Yamuna River Project : by Alday, Iñaki, Yona Friedman : Young-old : by Simpson, Deane. 中國建築史 / by 梁思成 中國雕塑史 / by 梁思成 中西建築比較(英文版) / by 張勃 內港南公共領域概念總體規劃=Conceptual Master Plan for the Public Domain of Southern Inner Harbour : 幸福建築 / by Botton, Alain de 澳門歷史建築的故事 = 祐漢和台山社區公共領域概念總體規劃=Conecptual Master Plan for the Public Domain of Iao Hon and Toi San : 西方建築在澳門 /