Social Work RSS feed for public list Social Work 72個體驗活動 : by 蔡, 炳綱 Abortion : by Callahan, Daniel, Blessed are the barren : by Marshall, Robert G. Entrepreneurship in the social sector / by Wei-Skillern, Jane. Globalisation, education and culture shock. Human behavior and the social environment, macro level : by Van Wormer, Katherine S., Max Weber's Sociology of religion / by Adair-Toteff, Christopher, Premarital intercourse and interpersonal relationships : by Kirkendall, Lester Allen, Prevent-teach-reinforce : Social cognition : how individuals construct social reality by Bless, Herbert Social motivations for codeswitching : by Myers-Scotton, Carol. Social welfare policy and advocacy : by Jansson, Bruce S., Social work treatment : South Asia & disability studies : The Anthem companion to Ferdinand Tönnies / The fall of public man / by Sennett, Richard, The Secret in Your Hands / The Sociological tradition / by Nisbet, Robert A. 危機行為的鑑定與輔導手冊 / by O'Neill, Robert E. 團體工作 : by 林, 萬億 如何打造社會企業 : by Frankel, Carl 小組遊戲帶領技巧 : by 甘, 炳光 幼兒社會兒 / by 許, 雅惠 枝枝葉葉 : by 邱, 惠瑛. 犯罪預防理論與實務 / by 鄧, 煌發 社會政策與計畫分析 : by Chambers, Donald E. 解開迷網 : 身心障礙社會工作 / by Oliver, Michael